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The specialist in family law for Hungarian and international families


Your guide through the legal maze

We deal with all areas of family law, including divorce and separation, parenting arrangements, complex financial cases, relocation of children and international family law, guiding you towards a bright future.


A smooth transition in family disputes

Are you ready to move from entitlement to interest based negotiation? Let us discuss what is best for your children and then look at ways of turning that into an agreement.


All experiences are opportunities for growth

Failure or redirection? Supportive conversations to empower you to identify your issues, become more self aware and make good choices.

We all have our own family story

A family lawyer is usually someone we meet at key events in our life. Entering into a pre-nup before getting married, buying and renovating the first home together, starting the family business, planning the family estate, returning to work after caring for a baby, a possible separation, child arrangements and property division, making a bold new start, perhaps moving abroad - so many unforgettable moments in life. 
The decisions we make today will shape our future. 
The steps we take today will become part of our family history for our children and grandchildren to build on. 
A family lawyer is there to support you through significant life events, ensuring that you can move forward with peace of mind.

Anita Vimlati

Anita is a trusted family law expert for Hungarian and international families. Specialising in cross-border cases, she has been practising family law in Budapest for over 14 years. She combines empathy, genuine attention and clarity with top quality legal advice. Anita is one of only two Hungarian Fellows of the International Academy of Family Law (IAFL). A registered mediator with the Ministry of Justice, she also completed the Academy of European Law (ERA) training in mediation in cross-border family matters in 2023. Whether it's divorce, children, wealth, the family business or inheritance - she can help you plan ahead to keep your family safe at all times.


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