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A will allows you to ensure that your property is dealt with in accordance with your wishes upon your death. It is an important step in planning for the future and can help your loved ones during a difficult time. 

It is crucial to seek sound advice and guidance when creating a will. The cost of having a will drawn up is much less than the cost to your family if your will contains errors.

In the event that a will is not in place, the spouse and children of the testator, or, in the absence of children, the parents will be entitled to the estate. Please be aware that a de facto partner will not be a legal heir. In families with children from a previous marriage, wills are of significant importance.

In Hungary, the legal heirs of the deceased (spouse and children) are entitled to a minimum share of the estate under the country's system of forced heirship. The minimum share is typically one-third of the estate.

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