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Our Budapest-based family law firm is dedicated to serving Hungarian and international families. We are specialists in all aspects of family law, including complex financial matters, parenting arrangements and international family law. We recognise the importance of your family matters and are committed to providing you with the highest quality legal advice.

Life's most challenging moments bring opportunities for growth.

The choices you make today will shape your future.

We are here to support you through significant life events, ensuring that you can move forward with peace of mind.

Every family case is unique, and we treat each one as such. We recognise that the law is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to making big decisions. Sometimes the solutions the law offers do not align with what is really important to you and your loved ones for the future. We focus on the human factors and acknowledge that everyone requires a different level of support throughout the process. Our family law services are complemented by mediation and counselling.




What describes you best?

- You require emotional support and wish to work with a professional to navigate the emotional and practical difficulties of a relationship breakdown. You are ready to set your goals and work towards the best possible decisions for your future - You need counselling.

- You are ready to negotiate with your partner at the kitchen table to reach an agreement, but you need legal guidance during the process, assissting with practical answers and legal solutions, directing you towards your goals - You need a consultation with a family lawyer.

- You aim for a cost-effective and time-efficient process with minimal conflict. You know it takes two. Your partner is as committed as you are to sitting down with a neutral third party (a professionally trained mediator) to guide your discussions to reach agreement. You do not necessarily need legal advice. - You need a mediator.

- You and your partner are prepared to negotiate an agreement. However, you have children and significant assets, which means you need expert legal advice - A family lawyer with a collaborative approach is the right choice for you if you want to avoid going to court.

- You want to start the process, but you cannot negotiate with your partner and you're worried about the delay. You need someone to effectively represent you to get the case moving towards a resolution, but you aim for an amicable settlement if possible - You need a family lawyer.

- It is a complex financial agreement or an inheritance issue - You need a family lawyer.

- You have worked hard to build your assets and do not want to leave your financial future to chance. You need a family lawyer who is specialised in asset planning.

- You need guidance in the intricacies of child custody and contact. The focus should be on the practical and human details, not the legalities - You need a mediator who is skilled in negotiating parenting agreements.

Anita Vimlati is an experienced lawyer who also provides mediation and counselling. She believes in a less adversarial divorce and strives to prevent her clients from entering into litigation. She advocates for alternative approaches to family law that would facilitate families to thrive. However, where litigation is unavoidable, she ensures that the dispute is handled in a professional manner. She represents her clients at all levels of court in Hungary.

The movement and mobility of people and wealth present challenges that require a diverse set of expertise. As a boutique law firm, we have partnered with a select group of highly skilled and experienced partners in Hungary and worldwide to address all legal issues head-on. 





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Relocation with children

Child abduction 

Multinational families and expat divorces in Hungary 






We're excited to explore how we can work together towards your bright future. We have a simple process: 


  1. Call for a free initial 15-minute chat or contact us by email to discuss your matter and how we can assist you.
  2. We will arrange a consultation to discuss your situation in detail and set a strategy for your case. Following your consultation, we will send you a brief summary of what has been discussed and inform you of the estimated costs.
  3. If you wish to proceed with our services, we will onboard you as a client.
  4. We will draft the necessary documents or negotiate with the other party on your behalf to try to resolve matters without going to court, if possible. If litigation is unavoidable, we will represent you professionally in court.




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